Watching this popular YouTuber crush household objects with 100 tons of pressure is pure catharsis

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In a small factory in Finland that makes parts for hydropower plants, Lauri Vuohensilta is crafting your new video obsession: household objects getting pulverized by his mid-sized industrial press.

As you’ll see in the video above, Vuohensilta sticks to a format: he puts something on the press, tells us what it is, and then applies 100 tons of force to it until it either flattens or explodes. Sometimes, he laughs.

But the appeal of his videos is ineffable. They light up the same part of your brain that likes to watch a campfire burn or a complicated domino setup topple. They’re repeatable and beautiful.

Vuohensilta, who’s also a competitive powerlifter (seriously), says that he’d long been a fan of other popular “watch things break” YouTube channels, like Will it Blend and Red Hot Nickel Ball, which inspired him to try his own entry in the genre. But now that his Hydraulic Press Channel is fast approaching half a million subscribers, he’s part of the pantheon.