Donald Trump cruises to an easy victory in the New York Republican primary

The Queens-born native son beat out opponents by a significant margin.
The Queens-born native son beat out opponents by a significant margin.
Image: Reuters/Carlo Allegri
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Donald Trump has won the New York Republican primary, according to projections from CBS, NBC, and the Associated Press.

His margin of victory is not yet clear; this post will be updated when more information is available.

Trump has a tough but not impossible path to clinching the Republican nomination, needing about 67% of the remaining delegates. The New York Republican party has fairly complicated rules about awarding delegates, as FiveThirtyEight explains:

New York awards 14 delegates proportionally based on the statewide results, with a 50 percent winner-take-all trigger, and Trump has a decent chance to win that entire pot. Another 81 delegates will be given out by congressional district — three per district. Win a district with a plurality, and you get two of those delegates, but win with a majority and you get all three.

Trump has long been expected to win the primary in his delegate-rich home state. The Queens-born real estate developer has maintained a sizable lead over all Republican rivals going back as far as Sep. 2015. And he has long been a favorite among Republican voters in densely populated downstate areas like Long Island and Staten Island.

Exit polls indicate that Trump led runner-up John Kasich with men (59% to 24%) and women (56% to 27%), as well as established conservatives (64% to 18%) and outsider voters (85% to 6%).

Voting was marred by irregularities in New York City, where 125,000 people were reportedly missing from the voter rolls. The city’s comptroller, Scott Stringer, ordered an audit of the city elections board, citing problems with ballot scanners and polling places.