They said it couldn’t be done: Superheroes dominating the box office

This…wasn’t enough.
This…wasn’t enough.
Image: AP Photo/Mark Elias
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Almost forty years ago, Hollywood told 27-year-old Michael Uslan he’d never make a successful film based on the washed-up character of Batman, much less other denizens of the funny pages.

This year, six big-budget superhero movies will be released, including Batman vs. Superman, the most recent picture produced by Uslan. This week on Actuality: How did comics go from joke to billion-dollar industry?

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This week’s episode explains the rise of superhero movies and is based on Marketplace producer Tommy Andres’ interviews with Uslan, the producer behind the Batman movies. We also spoke to Heidi MacDonald, a former comics editor at Disney and D.C. and now the editor of Comics Beat, about the evolving world of superhero franchises.

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