The state of business in 2016, in one lame management cliché

Why do I do it? Oh right, the paycheck.
Why do I do it? Oh right, the paycheck.
Image: EPA/Wu Hong
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They never said it was easy.

“The first quarter reflects the robustness of our business model in a highly challenging environment.”
Jérôme Grivet, CFO of Crédit Agricole, May 12

“Our customers are operating in an incredibly dynamic and sometimes challenging global environment.”
Ray Conner, CEO of Boeing, May 11

“Certainly it’s a challenging macroeconomic environment out there.”
Gregg Ribatt, CEO of Crocs, May 10

“It continues to be a challenging market.”
Mike Coupe, CEO of Sainsbury’s, May 4

“We want to basically assume a challenging environment and structure accordingly.”
Stephen Robb, CFO of Clorox, May 3

“To be frank, Q1 was a very challenging quarter, not only for Commerzbank but for the entire industry.”
Stephan Engels, CFO of Commerzbank, May 3

“Today we’re reporting the results of a very busy and challenging quarter.”
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, April 26

“Our results in the first quarter demonstrated strong execution in challenging market conditions.”
James Collins, Executive VP of DuPont, April 26

“Despite challenging market conditions, we are able to deliver a fairly resilient set of results.”
Boon Chye Loh, CEO of the Singapore Exchange, April 20

“As we’ve shown in this quarter, we can manage through challenging times.”
Mike Corbat, CEO of Citigroup, April 15