Meet Sue Googe, the gun-toting, Trump-supporting Chinese immigrant running for US Congress

A campaign logo?
A campaign logo?
Image: Reuters/Peter Power
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When Sue Googe, a candidate for the US Congress in North Carolina, was choosing her campaign logo, she went for recognizability. Capitalizing on a last name that was only one letter away from the world’s favorite search engine, her campaign picked a font that looks an awful lot like Google’s logo. 

Googe says she is not violating any trademarks, and has not been contacted by Google representatives. And she may not need the logo to make a splash: She’s a gun-wielding Chinese-American Donald Trump supporter:

According to her website, she also boasts an American dream story like no other. She was “born into extreme poverty” in the remote mountains of China, “far from civilization and without running water or electricity.” Googe’s grandfather was in the military during the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s, and was executed by the Communist party.

Sue learned firsthand that allowing a national government to consolidate power over the economy and the lives of the citizens will lead to violence, oppression, and poverty.

Googe’s parents were illiterate, but managed to give her an education. When she was 26, she immigrated to the United States, where she continued her studies. Now she owns a real-estate firm in Cary, North Carolina.

She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to pursue her dreams and live her American Dream and she is committed to fighting the corruption and cronyism in our political system, which is threatening the very foundation of our nation’s prosperity and opportunity for all.