With each advance in technology, workers are forced to adapt. In some cases, their lives become easier and more productive; in others, their skills are rendered obsolete and jobs put at risk. The rise of the sharing economy, improvements in artificial intelligence and robotics, and other digital breakthroughs are transforming the business world. What does it mean for jobs?

At the OECD Forum in Paris, Quartz’s Jason Karaian is moderating a panel discussion about the future of work with Jacques van den Broek, CEO of recruitment group Randstad; Roger Dassen, global vice chairman at Deloitte; Jean-Claude Mailly, general secretary of French trade union Force Ouvrière; Ximena Rincón, Chile’s labor minister; Julien Seret, a vice president at SoftBank Robotics; Marianne Vikkula, president of Slush, one of Europe’s largest events for startups; and Pepper, a robot.