Your Instagram feed is about to look different

Spend less time scrolling.
Spend less time scrolling.
Image: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
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Much like Twitter and Facebook before it, Instagram announced today that it’s changing how users see photos in their feeds. In a short blog post, the company said that it will put photos that it believes users want to see first at the top of their feeds, as opposed to in chronological order, which is how they have appeared since the photo sharing app launched in 2010.

Instagram will use an algorithm to determine which posts show up on users’ feeds first, according to The Verge. The company said that everyone will start to see their feeds change over the next few months, starting from today. According to Instagram, the average user misses about 70% of the photos their friends post, and so the algorithm will try to show users the posts that their friends like and comment on first. The goal it to ensure you don’t miss out, or tire yourself by endlessly thumbing down through an infinite number of selfies, pictures of brunch, photos of old buildings or other stuff you really don’t care about.

There was some backlash about the reordering when it was announced in March, The Verge pointed out. But it’s unclear whether that backlash was as vehement as the reaction to Instagram’s recent rebranding, or whether the average user will even notice when this new feed hits their home screen.