If you type metronome into Google, it becomes a metronome

Rock on.
Rock on.
Image: AP Photo
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Billions of people every day search on Google for the answers to their questions, and increasingly, they’re not having to leave the search giant’s site to find their answers. From disease symptoms to restaurant reviews and even someone’s Bacon number, Google has more and more answers right on its homepage through its Knowledge Graph technology. And now, if you’re a musician looking for a little help keeping time as you play, there’s no reason to shell out for a metronome—there’s now one built right into Google.

All you have to do to activate it is just type the word “metronome” into Google. That’s it. (And if you, for some reason, prefer to use Bing for your searches, a similar search works there too.)

Perhaps one day, Google will build a tuner function into search, so you’ll never have to leave your laptop again to make music. Then again, the company’s artificial intelligence research division is working on figuring out how to make an AI that can create real original music. So perhaps in the near future, we humans won’t even need to bother with music.