Over $3 million raised for Orlando shooting victims on GoFundMe

Candle light vigil in memory of victims.
Candle light vigil in memory of victims.
Image: Reuters/Adrees Latif
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Equality Florida, the state’s LGBT civil rights organization, set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for the victims of the deadly Orlando shooting rampage on June 12. The campaign has become the crowdfunding site’s most successful yet, raising over $3 million so far and surpassing the $2.2 million campaign for a life-saving therapy trial for a four-year-old’s terminal illness.

Standing in solidarity with the victims of America’s deadliest shooting, which left 49 dead and 53 injured, the state’s non-profit LGBT rights organization wrote the following statement on its GoFundMe page:

We are heartbroken and angry that senseless violence has once again destroyed lives in our state and in our country.

Gay clubs hold a significant place in LGBTQ history. They were often the only safe gathering place and this horrific act strikes directly at our sense of safety. June commemorates our community standing up to anti-LGBTQ violence at the Stonewall Inn, the nightclub that has become the first LGBTQ site recognized as a national monument.

The organization also offered information about counseling, hotlines, vigils and blood drive sites on their website.

The single biggest donation of $100,000 came from the GoFundMe team itself, “essentially waiving their transaction fee and ensuring the every single penny donated will go towards supporting the victims and their families,” according to Equality Initiative.

“Our thoughts are with the victims and all those affected by this terrible attack,” GoFundMe said in a statement.