There is a 79% chance the UK will vote to leave the European Union, betting site Ladbrokes says

Ladbrokes at 3:50 am in the UK (GMT+1), June 24.
Ladbrokes at 3:50 am in the UK (GMT+1), June 24.
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The odds have shifted.

Heading into the June 23 Brexit vote, bookies had heavily favored a vote for the UK remaining in the European Union. According to the Independent, the odds have increased from a 60% chance of remain to 82% in the last week.

But as the votes were being tallied up early morning on June 24, betting site Ladbrokes—which has called the EU referendum “the craziest, fastest moving political betting market in recent history”— showed the odds changing in favor of leave. Shortly after 3am local time, its betting barometer showed a 59% likelihood that the UK would leave the EU. By 3:51 am, those odds had shot 79%.

The final results are expected to come in between 5am and 7am.