Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland inspired some very creative British profanity

Image: EPA/Nigel Roddis
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It’s no secret that much of Scotland despises Donald Trump, and has for years, thanks to his controversial golf course plans and his showy arrogance when visiting his mother’s homeland.

He made his first foreign trip as presumptive US GOP presidential nominee to Turnberry, his golf course in southwest Scotland on Friday (June 24), where he mostly talked about how the historic Brexit vote might help business there. Trump compounded the insult by cheering on the Scottish for “taking their country back” even though Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

The response from Scottish Twitter was immediate, profane, and locally-flavored.

There’s the musician from Aberdeen:

A Glasgow actress (vocals of this also available):

with some variations on that theme:

A Scottish gamer:

(translation: go away you hamster-headed person of low intelligence and hooliganistic tendencies, go boil your head)

And plenty of creatively profane insults from non-Scots, too, like this London author:

Someone who is a Britain First critic:

A British comedian and cosplayer:

A proud Welsh-Canadian:

And this blogging cancer survivor who is English (but says he wishes he was Scottish):

Updated with additional translation, courtesy of @screamnevermore.