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More than a month after he effectively lost the race for the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has endorsed the former secretary of state for president, formally concluding a long and bruising primary season. At a joint rally in New Hampshire, Clinton and Sanders were surrounded by banners that read “Stronger Together.”

“Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her here today,” Sanders said. ”This campaign is about the need of American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face, and there is no doubt in my mind as we head into November that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate, by far and away to do that.”

Sanders gave an extensive speech reminiscent of his campaign stump speech, going issue by issue, from the economy to the environment—only this time, touting Clinton as the candidate who could tackle them. “Hillary Clinton understands that we must fix the economy that is rigged,” he said. He slammed the Republicans, and cautioned against a Donald Trump presidency.

“It is very easy to forget what Republicans want us to forget, where we were 7.5 years ago when president Obama came into office,” Sanders said, referring to the financial crisis. “But I think we can all agree that much, much more needs to be done,” he said. 

“Our job now is to see that platform implemented by a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House and a Hillary Clinton president – and I am going to do everything I can to make that happen,” Sanders concluded.

Clinton responded: “Thank you, thank you Bernie for your endorsement, but more than that—thank you for your lifetime of fighting injustice, and I am proud to be standing alongside you.”

Donald Trump had a response to the endorsement even before Sanders spoke: