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One thousand feet above Los Angeles, a new tourist attraction has people screaming.

The SkySlide, a 45-foot long glass tube, precariously attached to the side of the city’s US Bank tower, opened recently and has been drawing tourists who might otherwise be enjoying the city’s famous beaches or Hollywood sights. The tower is the brainchild of OUE Limited, a Singapore-based real estate company who bought the US Bank tower three years ago and invested $50 million to renovate the building.

In addition to the SkySlide, the renovation includes a new observation deck, offering some of the city’s best views, even on a smoggy day.

The slide itself is a quick, but rather terrifying ride, especially for those who fear heights. You essentially glide along the outside of the building from the 70th to the 69th floor, popping out onto the new observation deck. As the video above shows, the ride elicited several frightened squeals from riders who forked out the $33 admission price to gain access to the deck and slide.