Rushing from home to work to play, technology is expected to stay just a step ahead: connected devices have become the norm for how people manage day-to-day, and our cities are laying foundations to run with increasing efficiency and intelligence. But what about the vehicles helping individuals and families get from point A to point B in an increasingly connected world?

High-tech cars are incorporating innovations seen everywhere from kitchens to conference rooms, and are connecting vehicles to the outside world. Among them, the Cadillac CT6 is fulfilling the potential of all that contemporary tech has to offer. Its bold lines, striking finishes, and powerful sound make a strong first impression, but a slightly deeper inspection is needed to see the groundbreaking interior features that are revolutionizing the way drivers connect to the world around them.

The vision of the future

In a world that’s increasingly seen through screens, a car’s traditional mirror setup feels almost quaint. The CT6 boasts a Rear Camera Mirror, which transforms the standard rearview mirror into a high-resolution video mirror, with a camera positioned outside the car streaming footage and offering increased visibility capabilities of a typical mirror, so that a driver can see his complete surroundings without actually having to turn and look.

The Rear Camera Mirror is only the first example of how the CT6 boasts the best of today’s screen technology to truly see the world it inhabits: The Enhanced Night Vision uses heat signatures to detect people and animals and alerts drivers of potential obstacles.

Connected cars on connected streets

The car also features four cameras outside the car that record 360 degrees and switch themselves on when they detect potential security incidents. The Surround Vision Recorder is an industry first and illustrates the potential of cars to become vital parts of smart cities of the future, allowing smart cars to more fully support their owners and help combat crime. This recording of road-level information—the cameras can record up to 32 hours of footage—offers an exciting glimpse into what’s possible in smart car data applications.

Human-centric design

The tech of our homes is finding its way into our cars via another sense: immersive sound. The CT6 is the first car to boast an optional 34-speaker Bose Panaray sound system, with each speaker placed to create an optimal audio experience specifically engineered for the CT6 interior, accounting for everything from external noise to sound flow between passengers. Each speaker is deliberately placed to ensure the richest and most calibrated sound. The system is a model of the precision and custom solutions we demand from technology in the personalization and human-centric era.

Seamless connectivity

As cities and companies in tech-forward communities race to create fully connected environments, enhanced connectivity and seamless integration is increasingly valued in cars as well. The CT6, for example, boasts an OnStar 4G LTE with built-in WiFi hotspot. And the Rear Seat Infotainment System takes full advantage of this connectivity, with backseat HD screens configured to easily pair with WiFi and streaming video devices. In the front seat, drivers can sync with Apple Carplay and Android Auto through the dashboard’s HD touchscreen, the entire system mimicking the use of a smartphone.

For many drivers, the car has long been seen as the lower-tech extension of our connected lifestyles at home. However, cars like the CT6 are challenging this expectation, producing purposeful innovations and allowing us to be more attuned to the world around us while enjoying more connected journeys.

This article was produced on behalf of Cadillac by Quartz creative services and not by the Quartz editorial staff.

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