“I will gladly lend you my copy:” The father of a dead Muslim soldier wonders if Donald Trump has even read the constitution

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Khizr Khan is the father of Captain Humayun Khan, a US Army soldier who died at age 27, near Baghdad, while supporting Operation Iraqi freedom. Khan says he is a devoted, patriotic American, and a Muslim.

Tonight (July 28), he and his wife took the stage of the Democratic National Convention, where he delivered a moving speech mostly addressed at the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. “Hillary Clinton was right when she called my son the best of America,” Khan said. “If it was for Donald Trump, he would have never been in America.”

Khan continued by asking a question of Trump some Americans may have wondered about, too: “Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?” Pulling out a copy of the text from his jacket, he added “I will gladly lend you my copy.”

“In this document,”Khan continues, “look for the words liberty, and equal protection of law.”

Khan accused Trump of smearing the image of Muslims, and reminded him that patriots who defend and die for America come in all genders, faiths, and ethnicities.

He then leveled a statement at Trump that had extra impact coming from a father whose child died for America: “you sacrificed nothing, no one.”