Pence often mirrors Trump’s body language and stance, which is further indication that he admires and takes the lead from Trump. Because Trump is so open and physical with his body language, Pence seems to be becoming a bit more comfortable with displaying physical touching and affection. However, around minute 1:15 in the video clip above, it seems Pence still feels awkward as he reaches out to Trump while keeping an arms-length distance. Meanwhile, Trump leans down to match Pence’s height. This is Trump’s attempt to make Pence feel more comfortable and less awkward.

In summary, Trump and Pence’s body language clearly shows that they have mutual respect and affection towards one another. But their communication styles could not be more be more diverse—and this is what makes them a strong political match. Instead of being so similar that they would compete with one another, they are so different that they tend to complement one another instead.

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