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With big, stuffed animal-like eyes, this creature looks like a cartoon, or a sea-dwelling Pac Man ghost. It’s called a stubby squid, also known as the North Pacific bobtail squid. But it’s not really a squid at all. It’s more closely related to cuttlefish.

The species is native to the northern Pacific Ocean, ranging from Korea, Japan, and the Bering Sea, but can be found as far away as California, where this one was seen just a few days ago by Nautilus Live.

Nautilus Live is streaming its entire expedition 24/7, part of legendary ocean explorer Robert Ballard’s passion to bring science to the public.  The adorable stubby squid video is just part of what’s been observed so far, including a bizarre purple orb and a dead whale being devoured by tiny creatures on the bottom of the ocean.

The videos are a raw, and often joyful excursion into scientific discovery. The Nautilus is headed next to a series of shipwrecks off the coast of San Francisco.