Watch: The future of affordable housing might be in solar-powered shipping containers

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If you’re a student living in a big city, paying the inevitably expensive rent could be a stretch. But what if you could get your own bedroom, bathroom and even a kitchen for $600 a month?

Too good to be true? Well, there is a catch: You might find yourself living in a shipping container.

A Danish housing and architect firm, Urban Rigger, has transformed nine shipping containers into floating dorms that can house 12 students. These ”container dorms” are beautiful—and eco-friendly. There is a courtyard, a bathing platform, a kayak landing and a BBQ area. The dorm is powered by solar-energy and insulated with ultra-light aerogels developed by NASA, and the rooms are even equipped with mobile app-operated laundries.

The prototype unit you see in the video above is tethered to a dock in the waterways in Copenhagen and will be move-in ready in 2017. The company is also planning to build 24 units, offering 288 apartments, in Sweden and a further 20 units (240 apartments) in other locations in Denmark. It says inquiries are pouring in from over 30 countries, including North America, Europe and even South Korea. Urban Rigger says it plans to build 12,000 to 18,000 container apartments like these over the next 10 years.