Donald Trump is now blaming Paul Ryan for his failing presidential campaign

Abandon ship!
Abandon ship!
Image: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
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Donald Trump had a weak, bad, tremendously terrible, Columbus Day weekend, and now he has found someone to blame for it.

Trump did not, in fact, win the second debate in a landslide—the polls are still coming in, but surveys from CNN and Politico/Morning Consult have Hillary Clinton winning the debate by more than 10 points. An NBC/WSJ poll conducted before the debate, but after the Washington Post reported a 2005 hot-mic recording of Trump bragging about his predatory practices toward women, showed that Clinton’s lead was in the double digits.

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan gave up on Trump, telling his fellow Republicans on Monday, Oct. 10, that he would no longer defend the party’s presidential nominee, and that he would focus on keeping the GOP majority in Congress. Although he said he would not withdraw his endorsement for Trump, Ryan’s decision sparked ire among GOP hardliners. 

Trump, on Twitter, his favorite way of communicating with voters, was bitter…

… but also tried to make the most of his abandonment: