An Icelandic MP breastfed her baby while addressing parliament

Working mother.
Working mother.
Image: Screenshot via YouTube
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Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir is a member of the Icelandic parliament for the center-right Iceland Independence Party, and a new mother.

On Oct. 12, reports The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, another MP unexpectedly responded to an bill that she had put forward, so Konráðsdóttir had to take the podium. But she had already started breastfeeding her baby daughter.

Forced to choose between upsetting the baby by putting it down, or taking her baby to the podium, Konráðsdóttir picked the second. She delivered her remarks quickly, while her daughter continued to drink undisturbed.

According to a translation by Euronews, Konráðsdóttir explained:

She has been with me at the Parliament almost since she was born, so my fellow MPs are used to her. She has attended numerous committee meetings with me over the final days of this parliament. Usually she is very calm and when we cast our votes she is sound asleep. So there have never been any incidents before.

While the baby’s calm is remarkable, so is the nonchalance of the rest of the room. It’s almost as if a mother breastfeeding her child were just