All the incredibly important global issues that the next “leader of the free world” ignored during the debates

No need to bring that up.
No need to bring that up.
Image: Reuters/Joe Raedle
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The US president is often called the “leader of the free world.” And during the presidential debates, there is space reserved to talk about foreign policy and global issues.

This year’s debates, however, had so many other more important matters that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton were asked to talk about the following:

  1. Climate change
  2. China or the battle for the South China Sea
  3. Growing tensions between India and Pakistan
  4. Israel and Palestine
  5. Rebuilding relationships with Cuba
  6. Brexit or the rise of far-right nationalism in Europe
  7. Space exploration or any other scientific issue

The only global issues they did talk about were:

  1. War in Syria and the refugee crisis
  1. The Iranian nuclear accord
  2. North Korea and its nuclear threat
  3. Islamophobia, ISIL, and terrorism
  4. Russian president Vladimir Putin

These are all the 70 questions Trump and Clinton were asked at the first, second, and third presidential debates.