Introducing “The American Desk”: Trump proposes a new division for the US Department of Commerce

He’ll be checking with people there.
He’ll be checking with people there.
Image: AP Photo/Evan Vucci
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Donald Trump, understandably frustrated with America’s thick layers of federal bureaucracy, has a solution for streamlining the various departments involved in US trade policy. He’s proposing the creation of a new department. It would be called the American Desk, and he promises it would be “one very important office.”

The Republican presidential candidate introduced his idea today (Oct. 20) on the campaign trail.

The proposal was sandwiched between a lengthy soliloquy from Trump on his desire to not get bitten by a mosquito and his observation that ”everything is bad” in the US, including schools, roads, and airports. That didn’t leave much time for detail on The American Desk, but here’s what we know so far:

  • It would be housed within the US Department of Commerce
  • It would have “people” whom Trump would be “checking with”
  • It would be tasked with the protection of “the economic interests of the American worker and the national interests of the United States”
  • It would exist because “we’re not gonna lose our companies anymore.”