Your social media influence can now be brandished for free beer (and access to American’s business class lounge)

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Soon, all fiat currencies will be backed by thinkfluence.
Soon, all fiat currencies will be backed by thinkfluence.
Image: Klout/American Airlines

Do you have a Klout score—which measures your influence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter—greater than 55? Then you are now eligible to hang out once, for free, in American Airline’s business class Admiral’s Lounge in 40 different airports. Even if you’re not flying American.

Perks include WiFi, beer, wine, spirits, snacks, “spa-like showers,” and an overwhelming sense of superiority over less influential social media users.

Usually Klout rewards are pretty lame: A one-year subscription to Red Bull magazine, anyone? But maybe other advertisers will start showering influencers with things worth tweeting about.

By the way, if any US citizens take advantage of this offer and want talk about it on Facebook or Twitter, Federal Trade Commission rules state that they must disclose they received a freebee.