An airline invites Muslims to travel to the US “while you’re still allowed to”

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
Image: Royal Jordanian
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Throughout the US presidential campaign, Muslims have frequently used dark humor to respond to Donald Trump’s proposal to ban the entire religious group from entering the country. Now, an airline is taking one last swipe at the Republican presidential hopeful—in an attempt to sell tickets for flights to the US.

“Just in case he wins…Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to,” read an ad tweeted by Royal Jordanian airlines on Tuesday (Nov. 8).

The airline is the national flag carrier of Jordan, a small country in the Middle East whose citizens are almost entirely Muslim (some 97%).

Last December, Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” which became a flashpoint in a contentious presidential campaign. He has continued to tout some version of the ban throughout his campaign.

The tongue-in-cheek appeal from Royal Jordanian was followed by pricing for fares from the country to Detroit, Chicago and New York. A roundtrip ticket in economy class from Amman to New York costs 650 Jordanian dinar, or about US $917.

Whether it sells seats or not, the tongue-in-cheek tweet has been retweeted more than any other posted by the Royal Jordanian Twitter account.