A large crowd booed Donald Trump as he arrived at his polling station

“You are boring,” yelled one protestor.
“You are boring,” yelled one protestor.
Image: Reuters/ Carlo Allegri
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As Donald Trump pulled up to his midtown Manhattan polling station this morning, crowds lined the street—many of them ready to heckle.

“You are so boring,” one protestor shouted as Trump arrived at P.S. 59.

Uncharacteristically calm in the face of criticism, Trump smiled and waved as his family entered the polling station. Some in the crowd raised their hands to boo; others clapped, and seemingly everyone took pictures.

Earlier this morning, topless protestors were escorted out of P.S. 59 by police and the Secret Service. But by the time the Trumps left their polling place, the protests were mostly verbal, if still, well, pointed.