For a brief magical moment, you could make Donald Trump’s campaign website say whatever you wanted

Probably not how he’d actually do it.
Probably not how he’d actually do it.
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If we didn’t already know that Trump had no clue how technology worked, with the “acid washing” of emails and the “cyber,” then this latest revelation should make it perfectly clear: Trump’s campaign website has been set up with an oddly lazy construction that, somewhat amazingly, was only discovered today.

By going to the press release link on Trump’s website and replacing the text after “/archive/” with whatever text you want, you could make the site’s headline read whatever your heart desires. (For spaces, type “%20” between words, and type “%27” for an apostrophe.) Here’s one I made earlier:

Unfortunately, like all good things, the Trump campaign seems to have realized its mistake about half an hour after the internet figured out it could change the headline. Instead of fixing the problem, however, someone appeared to have just deleted the headline field from the website. The internet adjusted and the error lived on a bit longer before the site just started redirecting to its homepage: