Trump has been often provoked by Baldwin’s parody—in October, he called a skit featuring Baldwin’s impersonation a “hit job” and accused the sketch comedy show of “rigging” the election. A month later, he called SNL ”totally one-sided, biased.”

On Sunday, Baldwin offered Trump a reprieve from his SNL impressions. The 58-year-old actor suggested a deal:

Trump’s latest reaction to SNL was a step too far for one Missouri woman, who took to Twitter to excoriate the president-elect for whining about a TV show. Danielle Muscato, whose Twitter bio describes her as “Atheist—Civil Rights Activist—Musician—Trans Woman,” told Trump: “You are embarrassing yourself.”

By this morning (Dec. 5), her first tweet had over 80,000 likes and over 22,000 retweets. In the rest of her viral 30-tweet rant, she made calls to “#Resist” Trump, and urged people to call out the president-elect’s “propaganda” and “fascism.” Here’s a sample of her tweets:

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