Evan McMullin’s 10-point guide to living under a potentially “authoritarian” Trump

Outlining a strategy.
Outlining a strategy.
Image: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer
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After losing the election, former independent presidential candidate and CIA operative Evan McMullin is dedicating his time to building a new conservative movement and calling out his erstwhile opponent. On Dec. 5, he published an op-ed in the New York Times in which he said that Donald Trump displayed “authoritarian tendencies” during the presidential campaign.

He added that “there is little indication that anything has changed since Election Day.” A day earlier, McMullin, who said in his op-ed that he had seen despotic tactics from strongmen all around the world when he worked for the CIA, tweeted out a list of tactics for Americans to use if Trump “governs as an authoritarian like he has promised.”

Here they are: