The definitive guide to streaming all your favorite Christmas movies right now

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
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Gone are the olden days when we were forced to trudge through the snow to rent holiday movies from our neighborhood Blockbuster stores, like serfs in a Christmas carol.

Now, an abundance of Christmas cheer is available to stream with just a few clicks. And while some of the most popular Christmas titles, including It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol, and Elf aren’t available for free streaming—you have to buy or rent them on Amazon or iTunes—many of the season’s iconic movies are.

So, break out your ugly sweaters and fluffy blankets, and start hoarding your eggnog. Here’s a selection of Christmas movies and where to stream them:

(Movies on offer may differ outside of the United States.)

Along with offering some of the biggest hits, Netflix has a range of  lesser known Christmas movies in its catalog too. And if you’ve added HBO to your Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership, all of HBO’s titles are automatically available to stream on Amazon’s platform as well.

Hulu falls short when it comes to mainstream choices, but it has an array of unique and offbeat movies, including a Norwegian film called Journey to the Christmas Star and A Very Brady Christmas, a Christmas special that brought together the cast of The Brady Bunch 14 years after the show stopped airing.