Hoikuen ochita. Nihon shine for “Didn’t get a daycare slot. Drop dead, Japan.”
There were a handful of politically charged phrases among the buzzword finalists, including this one, which was first written in a blog post by an angry anonymous parent. He or she slammed the Japanese government for ignoring long waitlists at daycares. Not being able to place a child in daycare makes it impossible for mothers of small children (stay-at-home dads are still rare) to work outside the home. The phrase “Hoikuen ochita. Nihon shine” became an activist slogan that forced a response from the government.

Kamitteru for “superhuman power.”
The Grand Prix champion. This invented word is a verbification of “god” and was first used to describe the star athleticism of Seiya Suzuki, a 22-year-old baseball player with the Hiroshima Carps.

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