Greenpeace photobombed the White House with a giant “Resist” banner

Hey, Mr. President, behind you.
Hey, Mr. President, behind you.
Image: Reuters/Carlos Barria
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On US president Donald Trump’s sixth day in office, Greenpeace activists scaled a construction crane near the White House to unfurl a banner with a simple message: “Resist.”

The environmental organization is known for spectacles like this around the world, though this 270-foot-high feat was especially striking due to Washington D.C.’s low skyline. There are very few tall buildings near the White House, allowing a wide expanse of negative space for Greenpeace to exploit.

“The sun has risen this morning on a new America, but it isn’t Donald Trump’s,” said of one of the activists, Pearl Robinson, quoted in a statement issued by Greenpeace. “I fear not only the policies of the incoming administration, but also the people emboldened by this election to commit acts of violence and hate. Now is the time to resist.”

Environmentalists are already troubled by some of the Trump administration’s earliest activity, including the advance of two pipeline projects which had been stalled by the Obama administration, and tensions over climate change information on government websites.