Mike Pence and KellyAnne Conway declare a “new dawn” for the pro-life movement in America

A new dawn.
A new dawn.
Image: Reuters/Aaron P. Bernstein
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Vice president Mike Pence and adviser to the president KellyAnne Conway told a crowd of thousands of abortion opponents gathered at the National Mall in Washington DC that the pro-life movement has gained a powerful new voice on America’s political stage, and that the Trump White House was standing behind them.

“This is a new day, a new dawn for life,” declared Conway. 

“Life is winning again in America,” said Pence. 

They were speaking at the 44th annual March for Life, which took place less than a week after hundreds of thousands of people descended on the US capital to take part in Women’s March on Washington. The pro-life movement was excluded from that event, which was pro-choice. Although he attended the March for Life in the past, Pence’s appearance marked the first time a US vice president spoke at the rally.

“This dismissive notion of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is over,” Conway, who identifies as Catholic, said. “This is a time of incredible promise for the pro-life, pro-adoption movement.” She emphasized that Pence and Trump were fully committed to the cause. “Allow me to make it very clear: we hear you, we see you, we respect you.” 

“Let this movement be known for love, not anger,” Pence, a longtime abortion opponent, said. “Let this movement be known for compassion, not confrontation.” Pence praised Trump for reinstating the Mexico City policy, which withholds US foreign aid funds from non-governmental organizations overseas that provide abortion services. He also pledged to work with Congress to halt federal funding for US abortion providers, and promised a pro-life Supreme Court pick, to be announced by Trump next week. 

“We will not go weary, we will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America for our posterity,” he said. According to Gallup, 47% of Americans identify as pro-choice, and 46% as pro-life. Nineteen percent oppose abortion under all circumstances.