Trump’s personal Twitter doesn’t follow any of his administration’s accounts, but it follows his hotels

None of them.
None of them.
Image: AP Photo/Alex Brandon
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In the nine or so days since Donald Trump was sworn in as US president, he has continued to tweet from his personal Twitter account, possibly on a non-secure personal smartphone. He’s tweeted roughly 60 times from both his personal account and the official account run by his social media director and former caddie, Dan Scavino.

But there’s a stark difference between the two accounts, highlighting the dichotomy in the president’s actions. The official account follows six others, including Vice President Mike Pence, the White House, and Trump’s wife, Melania. It generally retweets other accounts, or provides information on the president’s actions.

Trump’s personal account, just as active as the official account, paints a rather different picture of the president, as tweets from this weekend demonstrate:

Trump’s more colorful personal account follows 41 other accounts, but not a single official Trump administration Twitter account. This account does, however, still follow eight of Trump’s properties. Although he has officially resigned from his business, Trump has not fully divested his ownership interest in his company, and Eric Danziger, Trump Hotels’ CEO, recently said that the company plans to expand into multiple new US municipalities, regardless of any potential conflicts of interest this might put the president in.

Here’s a breakdown of who Donald Trump follows on his personal account:

Trump does not follow many news outlets—two Fox News-affiliated accounts, and the Drudge Report—although he does follow many conservative journalists and news anchors. He does not follow his own official account, nor any of his offices, branches of the government, or any of his White House staff—other than Mike Pence, Scavino, and his chief of staff Reince Priebus.

He does, however, follow Vince McMahon, a longtime friend, husband of Trump’s Small Business Administration’s pick, Linda McMahon, and chief executive of WWE wrestling, who Trump once body-slammed live on television.