A Jewish reporter asked Trump about anti-Semitic attacks, and Trump told him to sit down and be quiet

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Towards the end of his press conference today, Donald Trump took a question from Jake Turx, a Hasidic Jewish reporter for a small US-based weekly magazine that caters to the international Orthodox Jewish community. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Turx covered Trump favorably; most Hasidic Jews voted for Trump in the election. Trump called on Turx after scanning the crowd for a “friendly reporter.”

Turx started his question by signaling sympathy for Trump, defending him from allegations of anti-Semitism “despite what some of my colleagues may have been reporting.” Then he asked Trump for a comment on the uptick in anti-Semitic incidents in the US since the election.

Trump responded as if Turx had accused him personally of anti-Semitism. He cut him off mid-question, told him to sit down, and called his question “very insulting.” When a different reporter followed up on the question, Trump claimed that many reported anti-Semitic incidents are actually the work of Trump’s opponents, who do them to get a rise out of the media.

Watch the clip above for the entire exchange.