Go beyond definition with four times the detail of HD

Go beyond definition with four times the detail of HD
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What does four times the detail of HD look like? It’s like opening your eyes. The Sony 4K Ultra HD TV takes you beyond definition with color depth and clarity that’s superior to anything Sony has ever created. Everything you watch is enhanced. TV shows, movies, sports, and more have new life breathed into them. And only Sony owns 4K technology, from the cameras filming the movies to the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV you enjoy them on. It’s a complete end-to-end mastery that no other company can touch. Now, this mastery comes to life in your living room.

Sony asked director Garth Davis to create a film inspired by Sony 4K Ultra HD TV. Garth takes us to an extraordinarily imaginative world and brings it to life with the masterful cinematographer, Claudio Miranda, ASC. In this surreal setting, the two capture the vibrant color and incredible clarity that you’ll only find with Sony.

Read the interview with Garth to hear his impressions.

What was your first impression of the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV?

The first time I saw a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV, I was at the Sundance film festival. I was in the middle of a conversation when my eyes went over to it and I couldn’t believe the details. It was so incredible; I had to stop the conversation. It really was a new way of looking at things, a new visual language. It was almost like you could walk into the picture.

What does the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV open up in color and detail?

One of the things unique to the Sony 4K TV is color. And the story we’ve been creating for this project is about celebrating color in lots of ways. As the story unravels you’ll see little moments that start to come out, like a woman from the 1900’s dressed in this beautiful red dress against the sea. To see that played back on the Sony 4K TV was incredible. The stunning color and the poetry of it is really nice.

Can you tell us what this story demonstrates about the TV?

What I love about this project is that you’re handing over the imagination to the director. The story itself is a metaphor for the details in the Sony 4K TV. Your imagination has no limits and can be as big as possible. What starts as an ordinary scenario of me sitting in a living room watching the 4K TV suddenly becomes this amazing adventure of the mind. Some of the imagery is really powerful and jaw-dropping and some of it connects to you emotionally as well.

Can you talk about the collaboration between you and Claudio?

This is a unique project for me because it’s the first time I’ll be shooting on Sony 4K professional cameras and seeing the result in Sony 4K. So I’m really excited to work with the latest and most amazing technology. And having Claudio Miranda [Academy Award-Winning Cinematographer] on board is a real bonus because he’s so experienced with the Sony 4K cameras and also just such a wonderful artist. I feel like we’re working at the highest end of both the technology and the creativity. So I’m really excited about that.

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