Spreadable coffee is now a thing that exists in Japan

Sweet, caffeinated deliciousness.
Sweet, caffeinated deliciousness.
Image: meg-snow.com
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What if—stay with me—what if, instead of coffee and toast for breakfast, you could have coffee on toast? Did I just blow your mind? Because as of March 1, we live in a world where such things are possible.

The Japanese company Snow Brand Milk Products has released a creamy spread flavored like its super-sweet coffee drinks. Caffeine addicts, take note: there’s probably not enough coffee in the spread to replace your morning joe. A look at the product’s nutritional information (loosely translated into English here) reveals a mix of sugar, emulsifiers, oil, and milk powder that will look very familiar to Nutella fans. Is this more of a coffee-scented spreadable sugar product than spreadable coffee per se? Yes. No matter. The age of spreadable coffee is here.