This represented a 24% improvement from my “steady state” for the two-year period prior. More importantly, I now have a new baseline to work from. As my network becomes more gender balanced, I get introduced to more women organically. The number of meetings I have with men versus women is more likely to stay around the 57%-43% balance, or even drift toward parity.

Empirically, I have proof of the ways that the added gender diversity percolated into various aspects of my life. My weekly newsletter now features many more female writers. The networking events I host also reflect the new ratio in attendees. And I’ve made three personal investments in female-founded companies.

I’m optimistic that one simple observation could have such an exponential impact. Going forward, I’m planning to be similarly scrupulous about actively seeking out a network that is racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse. And I’m eager to keep challenging myself and my peers about the embedded biases within our own networks.


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