This French guy is sitting on eggs until they hatch. It’s art.

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French artist Abraham Poincheval began his solo performance March 29 at Palais de Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum in Paris: sitting on eggs until they hatch.

Encased in a glass box, he’s using his body heat to incubate 10 eggs. Poincheval is also wrapped in a thermal blanket, and sticking to a strict diet of foods that are known to raise body temperature, like ginger. The artist is expected to stay inside the vivarium for about three weeks (it usually takes a chicken 21 days to hatch an egg). The gestation performance is simply called “Egg” and being livestreamed. This is part two of his performance at the museum—last month, he lived inside a limestone rock for a week.

Poincheval is known for artistic acts of isolation, which he says allow him to connect with animals (like a hen) or an object (like a limestone rock). He once lived inside a bear sculpture, spent an entire week underground, and floated down the Rhone River in a giant glass bottle.

“This man will, in one go, enter into the egg,” said Poincheval’s father Christian Poincheval, who attended the first day of incubation. “He will enter another world to discover himself in other ways, like how he discovered himself inside the stone, inside the bear.”