South Korea’s new president is already causing a stir—with his bodyguard

Sorry, not you. The guy behind you and to the left.
Sorry, not you. The guy behind you and to the left.
Image: Reuters/Kim Kyunghoon
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Donald Trump is not the only newly-minted president causing waves.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in was sworn in three days ago (May 10) and is already in motion to distance himself from his disgraced predecessor. The former human-rights lawyer has announced plans to eschew the luxurious perk of living in the mountainside presidential palace, nominated a prime minister from a rural left wing province, and pledged to unite the country—60 percent of South Koreans did not vote for him.

He’s also getting a ton of attention on social media, but not because of any of his new promises. Moon is going viral on the internet because Korean and American netizens alike are infatuated with one of his bodyguards.

Not much is known about the unidentified bodyguard, but that hasn’t stopped Korean netizens from dubbing him “Face Hegemony,” because his dashing good looks are “to lead the way for the new president.” Twitter has also joined in on the fangirling.

Seeing as to how president Moon has inherited a country with high personal debt and slow economic growth, let’s hope the bodyguard doesn’t find himself drawn into any political drama. Trump’s bodyguard hasn’t been so lucky.