This stunning graphic novel was entirely illustrated using Microsoft Paint

Good ol’ Microsoft Paint. The standard Microsoft Windows app was most likely the first graphics tool you ever used, but outside of creating a specific style of memes, you’ve probably graduated to more advanced programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Pat Hines, however, is a Boston artist who could never quite get the hang of Photoshop, so he spent over a decade perfecting his skill in Microsoft Paint to create his first e-book. “I suck at Photoshop and other programs, and have worked exclusively in Microsoft Paint for over ten years,” writes Hines. “I honed my craft working long overnights at a hospital reception desk.”

The results are quite impressive.

(Imgur/Pat Hines)
(Imgur/Pat Hines)

Hines describes his self-published graphic novel, titled Camp Redblood and the Essential Revenge, as a story that combines “all elements of summer camp lore, from the knife-wielding maniacs and monsters of 1980’s slasher films to the raucous comedies of the same era.”

(Imgur/Pat Hines)

If you’re wary about whether everything was, indeed, created entirely using Microsoft Paint, Hines invites skeptics to check out his Deviantart account to see how similar works of art in Paint have progressed.

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