Architects have identified the 10 most beautiful gas stations in the world


Gas stations are among the least celebrated works of architecture. While most drivers dart in and out as quickly as they can, editors of the London-based architecture website DesignCurial have been lingering in petrol stations over the last three years, noting their amenities, attractions, and thoughtful features.

Of the thousands they’ve surveyed, DesignCurial has ranked the world’s 10 best, based on “design, innovation and the structure’s relationship with its surroundings.” Indeed instead of replicating mundane templates, these Instagram-worthy pitstops are custom designed for their locations.

1. Rest Area Niemenharju, Finland

Topping DesignCurial’s list is a “blissful” filling station along the 3,504-mile E75 highway running from Greece to Finland. Created by Helsinki-based architects Studio Puisto last year, Rest Area Niemenharju has a restaurant, a convenience store, sleeping areas and even a sauna. The 24 laminated timber beams propping up its gigantic roof evoke the trees in the forest behind it.

REST AREA NIEMENHARJU_Studio Puisto_photos Marc Goodwin (14)
Rest Area Niemenharju (Marc Goodwin)
REST AREA NIEMENHARJU_Studio Puisto_photos Marc Goodwin (20)
Restaurant. (Marc Goodwin)
REST AREA NIEMENHARJU_Studio Puisto_photos Marc Goodwin (13)
Finnish roadside sauna. (Marc Goodwin)

2. POPS Arcadia Route 66, US

A popular destination gas station in Oklahoma is the runner-up. Signaled by a giant sculpture of a glowing soft-drink bottle, POPS Arcadia along US Route 66 is attached to a cheerful diner serving 700 kinds of sodas and refreshments to perk up weary drivers. Designers Elliott + Associates Architects say they intended to create a “roadside attraction, not just a gas station for the family car.”

(Elliott + Associates Architects)
<br /><!-- caption placeholder --> (Elliott + Associates Architects)

3. Batumi Petrol Station, Georgia

The world’s third prettiest gas station is also the coolest McDonald’s outlet in the country of Georgia. Designed by architect Giorgi Khmaladze in 2013, drivers immediately recognize the refueling station in Batumi’s town center, thanks to its imposing cantilevered canopy.

Fuel Station + McDonald’s in Batumi, Georgia (Khmaladze Architects)
(Khmaladze Architects)

4. NP Gas Station, Spain

Soaring canopies that look like birds in flight announce a filling station in a suburb of Madrid. Architects Belen Moneo and Jeffrey Brock say the structure also mirrors that rolling hills in the landscape along Spain’s major highway.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.58.40 PM
A1 Gas Station in San Agustin de Guadalix, Spain. (Moneo Broc Architects)

5. Orival Gas Station, Belgium

A vast 16-year old service station that spans across the E 19 motorway connecting Brussels to Paris doubles as a gallery for local artists and sculptors. “A stop on a motorway can, like a terminal, become a place of culture,” explain its architect Philippe Samyn.

Orival gas station. (Geertrui Derycke/Samyn & Partners Architects and Engineers)
(Ch. Bastin & J. Evrard / Samyn & Partners Architects and Engineers)

6. Esso Mobil Station, UK

Architecture fans love this well-preserved mid-century architectural gem in Leicester, England. Designed by the influential architect and industrial designer Eliot Noyes in 1964, the station’s round canopies are listed on Historic England‘s conservation list.

(Courtesy of DesignCurial)

7. 365-Fina Europe Service Station, the Netherlands

A caged refueling station in Houten, the Netherlands made it to the list. Architects Samyn & Partners (who also designed the fifth place winner) engineered a special canopy to minimize wind turbulence. Judges also appreciated the station’s well-marked entry and exit points.

Houten service station, the Netherlands (Samyn & Partners Architects and Engineers)
(Samyn & Partners Architects and Engineers)

8. Helios House, US

Beneath a giant billboard in the corner of Olympic and Robertson boulevards in Los Angeles is the first US gas station to garner an LEED green-building certification. Billeted as “the station of the future,” Helios House is constructed from recyclable stainless steel, has onsite recycling facilities and 90 solar panels to offset its energy use.

The Helios House gas station is pictured in Los Angeles, California January 12, 2015. Reuters photographers from Mali to Mexico have shot a series of pictures of fuel stations. Whether it is plastic bottles by the roadside in Malaysia or a futuristic forecourt in Los Angeles, fuel stations help define our world. Oil prices steadied above $48 a barrel on Tuesday, recovering from earlier losses as the dollar weakened against the euro. Oil prices have dropped nearly 60 percent since peaking in June 2014 on ample global supplies from the U.S. shale oil boom and a decision by OPEC to keep its production quotas unchanged.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni  (UNITED STATES - Tags: TRANSPORT BUSINESS COMMODITIES ENERGY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)


Green gas station. (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)

9. Wissol Gas Station, Georgia

Another fueling station in Georgia made it to the list. Along a highway that traverses through Azerbaijan and Turkey is an eye-catching concrete monolith designed by the German architecture firm J. Mayer H.

Wissol gas station in Gori, Georgia (J. Mayer H)

10. Jack Colker Union 76, US

Rounding out the top 10 is another mid-century architecture landmark. Designed by architect Gin Wong in 1965, Union 76 gas station in Beverly Hills, California was originally designed to be part of the Los Angeles airport. With a swooping futuristic canopy that lights up like an alien spaceship, Union 76 is often cited as a quintessential example of Googie architecture.

An LA staple, as gas stations go | #GinWong

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(Courtesy of John Corea)
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