The UK’s Fraser Corsan aims to break four records and become the fastest flier in the world

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Fraser Corsan wants to fly faster than a Ferrari F50 and higher than Mount Everest—and he wants to do it without any propulsion.

Instead, Corsan intends to jump out of a hot air balloon at 42,000 feet in a wingsuit. At that height, more than 12,000 feet higher than the world’s tallest mountain and about 3,000 feet higher than a cruising 747 jet, he’s hoping to break four wingsuit world records in one go: highest altitude jumped from, highest speed traveled at, longest time flown, and farthest distance flown.

The average wingsuit flyer can pick up speeds of up to 12o mph, and the world speed record stands at 234 mph. Corsan wants to get up to 250 mph while flying for at least 10 minutes. (The current record for flying time stands at a little over nine minutes.) Over that time, he should fly roughly 20 miles, one mile more than the current record.

Corsan’s first jump is taking place in Davis, California, and is scheduled to begin between 1:30pm and 2pm eastern time. You can watch the live stream here.