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Tanzanian nanotechnologist Askwar Hilonga is the winner of the 2015 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation
Tanzanian nanotechnologist Askwar Hilonga is the winner of the 2015 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation
Image: Photo: Georgina Goodwin
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Chart of the week: How electricity problems are limiting growth in many African countries

Several insightful charts compiled by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan’s Africa Progress Panel. They highlight the scale of the electricity problem in Africa.


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East Africa’s biggest supermarket chain withdraws Nestle’s Maggi from its shelves

After Indian authorities found MSG and lead traces in Nestle’s Maggi Noodles last month, East Africa’s biggest supermarket chain Nakumatt took down the product from its shelves in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan.


Why aren’t more wealthy Africans backing the continent’s start-ups?

A summary of a mini-tweetstorm by Ory Okolloh (@Kenyanpundit) of Omidyar Network Africa. It struck a nerve with some people in the African investment space.


Africa wasn’t always about poverty–so why do so many believe that’s the case?

Examining how owning the economic history narrative can change longstanding perceptions about the continent


The tripartite free trade area agreement in Africa is bound to disappoint

Amid much of the excitement around the possibility of the widest ever intra-continental trade partnership, Hilary Matfess (@hilarymatfess)  took a sober look at the track record of such deals in the past. It doesn’t look promising.


I’m an African Muslim who grew up loving American culture. Now that I’m here, I love America, too

Omar Mohammed’s (@shurufu) personal take on how being both African and Muslim in post-9/11 America has its challenges but that shouldn’t take away from what the country’s great values represent.


Photos: This Tanzanian engineer built a customized water filter using nanotechnology

Tanzanian engineer Askwar Hilonga won the African innovation prize from the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering prize earlier this month. Here are some photos that show how his invention is providing real practical solutions at home.


Nigeria needs a #BringBackOurBoys campaign, too

Quartz’s Editor at Large Bobby Ghosh (@ghoshWorld) on the importance of getting ready for the many disenfranchised boys and young men who will be left behind after Boko Haram is defeated.


We need to stop talking about how mobile phones will save Africa and think bigger

Lee Middleton (@msleehm) writes from this month’s World Economic Forum Africa in Cape Town about the overwrought discussions on the ‘leapfrog paradigm’.


I was a quadrillionaire in Zimbabwe, but could barely afford to buy bread

In the week his country’s currency was finally put out of its misery, Tinashe Mushakavanhu (@tinsmush) reminisces on the absurdities that come with growing up in a country with a seriously bad case of hyperinflation


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