Boko Haram reportedly guns down dozens of praying Muslims in Nigeria

A scene after a suicide bombing on June 22.
A scene after a suicide bombing on June 22.
Image: AP Photo/Jossy Ola, File
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Militant group Boko Haram may have killed as many as 97 people in their latest attack, according to Associated Press and Reuters sources. The attack on the town of Kukawa in northeastern Nigeria last night targeted several mosques, and came when residents were praying before breaking fast for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Boko Haram fighters target mosques whose clerics they believe to be too moderate.

It was the latest attack in a series in the state of Borno. In another attack earlier this week in the village of Monguno, Boko Haram fighters waited until prayers ended, singled out more than 40 men and killed them.

The attacks come as Muhammadu Buhari marks one month as Nigeria’s president, a post he won largely on hopes that his military experience would help eradicate the Islamist insurgency. So far, looking at the number of casualties, his promises remain unrealized, and his actions are proving ineffective.

The killings come after a call from ISIL to increase their attacks during Ramadan. There have been ISIL-related killings in Tunisia, Kuwait and France during holy month so far. Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIL in March.