Ethiopia is creating 100,000 jobs to tackle its refugee problem

Work for all
Work for all
Image: Reuters/Tiksa Negeri
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The United Kingdom will support a plan to create 100,000 jobs in Ethiopia, as part of a wider campaign to tackle the migration crisis in the Horn of Africa nation.

The new provision will create jobs for both Ethiopians and the more than 743,000 registered refugees living in the country. The UK will contribute £80m ($103m) into the project, which will be jointly managed alongside the EU and the World Bank.

Ethiopia is the largest refugee-hosting nation in Africa and the fifth largest in the world. Many refugees from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan also pass through the country on their way to seek a better life in Europe. As part of the agreement, the Ethiopian government will be expected to grant employment rights to 30,000 refugees.

The plan was announced by prime minister Theresa May while speaking at president Obama’s Refugee Summit held during UN Week in New York on Sept. 20. The forum discussed how to increase funding to humanitarian appeals, resettle more refugees and help aid refugees’ self-reliance through education and work opportunities.

The UK, which is the first to commit support for the Ethiopia idea, says this would be an innovative model to aid refugees while boosting economic development in host nations. Ethiopia is the second largest recipient of British aid behind only Pakistan.

The UK hopes that by investing in jobs and education it will give refugees the opportunity to build a meaningful life close to where they come from and reduce the risks of people being caught up in mass migration, conflict or radicalization.