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Mueller submits report on Trump investigation to AG Barr, no new charges

By NBC News

The transmission of the document ends a lengthy probe into the president and Russian interference in the campaignRead full story


  • Absent criminal charges, it’s unlikely the report changes underlying views about Trump by either side. So where does that put us? Pretty much exactly where we’ve been since 2016. Hillary voters support whoever the Dem nominee is in 2020. Trump voters stick with Trump. And the only two variables that matter are turnout and where independents go. The midterms indicate both favor the Dems but it’s hard to trust a party that chose Gore, Kerry and Hillary as 3 of its last 4 nominees.

  • Once the report or the summary of the report gets out in the public domain, the issue becomes 100 percent political.

    My guess is no one will be satisfied with this report but everyone will find something in it to prove what they have believed from the start. eg: either a) The President should now be impeached or b) The President did nothing wrong/ illegal.

    This is not the end. This is the battle beginning in another arena.

    First up, who gets to see what.

    Have no fear, Capitol Hill leaks like a sieve, we will eventually know a pretty good bit of it.

    Adding: most interesting part ( should we get to see it) Mueller’s explanation of why no indictment of POTUS. ( because you can’t indict a sitting President? Or because he couldn’t prove illegality? Or POTUS did nothing wrong?)

  • All this because some people just can't accept defeat. Sore loser democrats have cost this country millions of dollars and I'll bet their not done yet. I hope they soon learn that the harder they push this the more people they turn away. Their hard core base are the only ones who care. Everyone else I've spoken with is just sick of the whole damn thing.

  • Unless there is some hardcore evidence to indict the president then this will just bounce off teflon trump as so many other scandals have already done

  • In our last month’s Harris Poll, 53% of US adults feel more anxious in their daily life today than they did a year ago, and more than 65% of US millennials feel this way. The key reason? National division. This won’t help. Time to come together, America.

  • Awww sookie sookie now! I know what I’m doing tonight!

  • Some reports say Attorney General Barr may decide to release information from the report to Congress as early as this weekend.

    And special counsel Mueller didn't recommend any further indictments, several news organizations report—sourcing a senior Justice Department official.

  • And so it begins, not ends. Here’s hoping...

  • The point of tho investigation was to uncover facts and ensure that laws were not violated. It is a success for democracy whether or not it ends with charges because it’s evidence that power is not a shield from the rules and that the system operates on the basis of truth. This is hardly a win for Trump, however, or a loss for Democrats, and characterizing it that way simply fails to recognize that this is not a game and there is much more at stake than party politics.

  • Over $25 million spent in nearly two years of investigation with only six meaningful indictments all not related to the actual subject of the investigation, for process crimes (with the exception of Manafort) which thousands of others have gotten away with. Not much of a value proposition in my mind!

  • We probably should not be staking out positions on a report that we have not read yet. About all one can say today is that there is no crime called “collusion”. Violating the campaign finance rules is a crime. Lying to Congress is a crime. Obstructing an investigation is a crime. The Department of Justice has a policy against indicting a President. The Democrats are probably happier slow roasting Trump in public - and he keeps generously helping them out with that by tweeting inanely, or did I mean insanely?

  • Honestly it doesn't matter what is released. One party will continue to waste time and tax payers dollars to continue this instead of doing the people's work.

    Term limits on all!!Not just supreme Court but both houses.

    The framers of the Constitution set it up so you went to Washington, served, then went home. Because you didn't make any money. It was all donation of you time for the country.

    Over the 200 plus years since then it's become a joke. Nobody leaves. Hell, we just buried a house member that had been in office for I believe almost 70 years!! He was 92 so my math might be off a little but come on!!

    Term limits is the only way this mess is going to be cleaned up

  • Now that the investigation is over maybe Dems can start making the case for why Trump is unfit for office and why they deserve a shot at the presidency. I didn’t expect US Marshall’s to appear at the White House and drag Trump out and that was an unrealistic outcome. If you want Trump gone vote him out, focus on his terrible policies, weak diplomatic skill, and inability to grasp even 3 grade civic, economics, and or environmental issue. Make it a referendum on his actual policies and policy objectives. Stop looking for quick fixes to remove Trump.

  • This should be a bombshell. And yet all I can see coming is two more years of obfuscation, starting with months of confusion about who gets to see what, probably leaving Trump clinging to the line that an incomplete report leaves reasonable doubt.

  • Good. Time to see the facts.

  • One finds in the comments the typical trashing of Democrats but not one iota of reflection or regret by Republicans in electing a racist,misogynistic, xenophobic, sociopathic President. It is unintelligible that in the face of the divisiveness, the deviousness and deception of Trump some of those commenting still thought this an opportunity to again slam Hillary and other Democrats. As to Mueller and the report, the most likely explanations are that Mueller accepted the already established guidelines of the DOJ that a sitting President cannot be indicted to stay within the purview of his role and authority and that he was mindful of the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, SDNY, of Trump and his minions of violations of campaign finance laws and of the investigation of the State of New York Attorney General’s Office of outright fraud by Don the Con and Donny Jr as to several matters. Mueller certainly saw any criminal charge he brought required proof beyond a reasonable doubt of Trump’s engagement in a wide ranging conspiracy with Russia not central to the other investigations. I would not be at all surprised to find out in any event Trump named in the report as an unindicted coconspirator. He has already been referred to as such in indictments filed by Mueller’s staff. Finally, as long as there is the rule of law the Trump scandals are not just political matters.

  • You people sound like a bunch of snowflakes melting away. Trying like hell to change the views of us Trump supporters well you have done a terrible job of that. This while matter has been a complete hoax on the American people so the Democrats could stay out of prison and continue to try and ruin America. Don't talk about this President being incompetent as you Democrats brought in the biggest fraud for a President this country has ever seen. All in the Hope's of turning America into a hell hole 3rd. World Country and damn near succeeded ! It's time for you so called Congressman and women I won't use the term Ladies to got off your asses now and do what you were hired to do for this Country!

  • I’ve written about this already on Medium. It will be the question of the smoking gun unless Barr decides history is more important than the collapsing Republican Party and presents any of a number of smoking guns up front. I don’t think so but you never know.

    The report will show enough to justify impeachment but neither party wants anything to do with that. It will be up to Putin if he wants to sink Trump to finish off the US as a functioning entity and that is definitely possible. He scored a huge and lucky goal getting Trump in the White House but his goal is destruction of the country and Trump is dangerously loose cannon.

    The people are the other wild card. The politicians can try to keep their gig going but mass action would force Trump to barricade himself in the White House until he is removed. That will get very ugly very quickly.

  • I understand there are no further indictments. What will the news do, no more Mueller and Russian Collusion reports. Now the Democrats will throw Mueller under the bus and continue their own nefarious investigations.

  • All a political plot to take back Congress. It was never real.

  • Wow this is still on going. No evidence, just congecture and conspiracy theories.... but they'll argue that there's more to come.... always more to come.... but nothing each time. Ok.. sure.... Let's keep this money maker going.

  • Mueller time

  • Queue Jaws . . .

  • Make the report and let the American People decide .

  • A whole lotta nada

  • As for "teflon trump", Hillary is no" piece of velcro"

  • The sticky situation of indicting a sitting president is pushed down the line. If the Democrats democratize their primary process, they will bring in somebody who attracts independent voters. Without significant independent voter turn out, by far the majority of Voters in this country, the Democrats do not have a ghost of a chance. Should Trump lose, he will spend the rest of his life watching his Empire crumble through various state indictments and lawsuits. Remember he was selected for this job because he makes an enormous amount of money for the owners of this attention - based economy. All of the newspapers and media companies have done very well by him, as has the 1%. Meanwhile they have been able to roll back regulation to 1920s levels

  • Isn’t it amazing how the report is a piece of garbage UNLESS it finds indictable offenses that match the narrative that has been propagated by Trumps political opponents! If the same laws for libel and slander that are applied to protect common US citizens ( and ARE applied to all in Canada!) were in place for politicians and public figures...... That could be a very scary proposition for those who have converted political imperatives and hateful agendas into news items, or the media outlets that encouraged or even allowed the same!

  • Doesn't really matter what the in the report, trump has committed so many crimes he will be convicted of some of them. The guy is so used to getting away because the other side gives up. However trump has now attracted the attention of the wrong peopoe they don't give uo.The foundation crimes are serious and very expensive . New Tork state appears to have all they need to convict trump and impose some long jail sentences along with extremely heavy financial crimes. Trump is in deep shit. He could wind up broke after this is all over!!!???

  • I’d say finally. But now the house gets in on the act. Mercy me.

  • Hmm

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