Meanwhile, Ye, who was banned on various social media platforms and dropped by big-name brands like Adidas for making anti-semitic comments, had his Twitter account reinstated. However, Musk says he had no part in that decision.

Musk’s plan for Twitter

Musk teased verification changes on Twitter, saying the process of getting a blue badge is under review, while The Verge reported that a fee-paying system for verified users in the works.

Musk also appears to be considering bringing back another social media platform. According to a poll he ran on his page, he’s considering bringing back Vine to better position the company to rival TikTok.

Vine was a short-form video platform where users could make six-second videos, which Twitter bought in 2012 but shut down in 2017 because it couldn’t monetize it. But these days, there are proven lucrative ad models.

Guess who’s back? Jack Dorsey’s back

As Musk takes over, Twitter’s old guard has found a new social media home. Jack Dorsey, who founded Twitter in 2006 and ran the company for years, announced that his new blockchain based BlueSky Social was accepting beta users. The company claims it’s already received 30,000 sign ups.

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