Mueller report release, Pinterest IPO, semi-alive pig brains

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What to watch for today

The US attorney general releases a redacted Mueller report to the public. William Barr is expected to take questions about the special counsel’s findings—which will be scrubbed (paywall) to remove sensitive grand jury, intelligence, and other information—at 9:30am ET. Congressional Democrats are still pressing for access to the unredacted report and underlying evidence.

Pinterest and Zoom IPOs. The tech firms—a social media image bookmarking site, and a video-chat service that spurned a buyout offer from Microsoft—will test the market’s appetite in the wake of the disappointing Lyft IPO. A slew of other startups including Uber, Slack, and Peloton are waiting in the wings.

While you were sleeping

Early results showed Joko Widodo is on track for re-election. The Indonesian president won about 55% of Tuesday’s vote, according to numerous exit polls, versus roughly 44% for his longtime rival Prabowo Subianto. But Subianto disputed the early results, and a final tally is not expected until May 22.

Peru’s former president died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Alan Garcheía, accused of accepting bribes from a Brazilian construction company, was president from 1985 to 1990 and from 2006 to 2011. Police said he shot himself after they arrived at his house to arrest him.

Scientists revived pig brain cells after death. Researchers removed the brains of 32 dead pigs and flooded them with a synthetic blood-like solution, causing some cells to regain function and begin signaling each other. The implications for treating ailments like stroke are huge—but so are the ethical pitfalls.

The US and China set a tentative timeline for new trade talks. Bilateral talks in Beijing and Washington, beginning at the end of April, are designed to culminate in a ceremony in late May or early June, the Wall Street Journal reports (paywall)—if the world’s two biggest economies can come to terms.

Amazon is reportedly shutting down its third-party marketplace in China. Consumers will still be able to buy cloud services, Amazon devices, and goods from merchants in Amazon’s storefronts in the US and other markets, but all fulfillment centers will close in China. The company has struggled to gain a foothold in the Chinese market, which is dominated by Alibaba and


Join Ephrat Livni on her journey to understand the real MacKenzie Bezos: “After spending days trying to find ways to reach MacKenzie, unsuccessfully, and calling various now-disconnected numbers and writing to email accounts that bounce back, and weeks reading what I could find about her, and many hours reading her books with an eye to reading the writer herself, I believe it’s clear that MacKenzie was sincere when she said she’s looking forward to the future, and not because she’s now independently wealthy.”

Quartz Obsession

Cottage cheese: The lumpy stepchild of the dairy aisle has long been a metaphor for anything unsavory. US consumption declined steeply starting in the 1970s, when Nixon regularly dined on it in the White House, but now it’s poised for a comeback. Read more in our Quartz Obsession.

Matters of debate

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Should Notre Dame’s beloved spire be rebuilt? The semi-recent addition to the iconic structure is already complicating restoration plans.

Tiny AirPods are a big barrier between humans. The ever-present gadgets give the impression that the wearer’s attention is elsewhere.

Old age is the perfect time for hedonism. Three-quarters of a century justifies all sorts of frowned-upon indulgences.

Surprising discoveries

Carl’s Jr is selling a 4/20 CBD-infused burger. The “Rocky Mountain High CheeseBurger Delight” will likely run into trouble with the US Food and Drug Administration.

An interstellar meteor hit Earth a few years ago. The trajectory of the 1.5-foot-wide object’s 2014 crash landing suggests it originated outside our solar system.

The world’s fattest parrots are breeding like rabbits. A good rumi fruit harvest sent New Zealand’s endangered kakapo on a welcome reproductive spree.

A goddess told Foxconn’s chairman to run for president in Taiwan. Terry Gou was visited by the sea deity Mazu in a dream, and ordered to “contribute to cross-strait peace.”

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