Fed rate cut, California curbed, Whitney hologram

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What to watch for today

The US Fed mulls another rate cut. A second interest rate cut in less than two months is expected but there’s been mixed data on the US economy’s health. The central bank will also publish new economic predictions. President Trump has called central bankers “boneheads” for not slashing rates to zero.

Who will be Israel’s next prime minister? The results of the country’s second election this year will be announced but exit polls are inconclusive. Both prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz have vowed to lead the next government but may not have the numbers.

Saudi Arabia makes the case against Iran. At a news conferencethe Saudis will bolster the claim that Iran was involved in last week’s attacks on their oil facilities. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo arrives in Jeddah, where he will meet with crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

While you were sleeping

The Taliban said “doors are open” to the US. A week after Trump declared peace talks “dead,” the group’s chief negotiator said they are “the only way for peace in Afghanistan.” Two suicide attacks in the country on Tuesday left at least 48 dead.

Washington curbed California’s authority on emissions. The White House said it would abolish the state’s ability to set its own auto emissions rules, which are stricter than federal ones. California has vowed to fight back and the case could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Britain balked at a defense deal. In a rare move, the UK government intervened in US private equity firm Advent’s purchase of defense and aerospace company Cobham on grounds of national security. The Competition and Markets Authority will report back by Oct. 29.

A giant panda died in a Thai zoo. China has sent experts to investigate the passing of Chuang Chuang, 19, who had been on loan since 2003. Giant pandas usually live for 25 to 30 years in captivity.

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Indian ride-sharing startup Ola’s story of startup scrappiness contains some valuable lessons on how to attract angel investors on blind faith. Early backer Zishaan Hayath told Quartz reporter Ananya Bhattacharya how the story unfolded as part of this week’s field guide.

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The turban is a simple garment, but it’s also a complex expression of culture, religion, style, and identity. For Sikhs, turbans are sacred objects. They’re also a staple of old Hollywood glamor. And when Gucci sold an $800 turban it inspired a massive clapback against cultural appropriation. Get the look with the Quartz Obsession.

Matters of debate

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Brexit won’t define Britain. After all, it’s the nation of Downton Abbey, Love Island, and the Bake Off.

Math scores don’t explain the STEM gender gap. More men work in science and tech because girls are better at reading.

Economists don’t understand macroeconomics. According to Bill Gates, that makes it harder for policy makers to reform the economy.

Surprising discoveries

Whitney Houston’s hologram is going on tour. The legendary singer’s likeness will play stadiums, concert halls, and even the Kremlin.

There is a way to defeat the common cold. A newly identified protein may have the answer.

Most mammal fossils come from males. Reckless boy mammoths were more likely to get themselves trapped in tar pits.

Korean politicians are shaving their heads in protest. It’s a traditional way to indicate displeasure but the problem is modern—a scandal-ridden minister.

Vinyl, book, and magazine sales are up. Despite the digital doomsayers, people still like owning physical things.

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