Trump transcript, Beijing’s glitzy airport, soufflé snafu

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What to watch for today

Donald Trump’s Ukraine call surfaces. The US president has authorized the release of his July conversation with Ukraine’s leader, in which he discussed 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden. We may not see a complete transcript, however. House speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced an impeachment inquiry.

British lawmakers return to work. The UK parliament is back in session after the Supreme Court decided its controversial suspension was unlawful. Prime Ministers’ Questions is not taking place, as it would normally on a Wednesday, but there will be urgent questions, ministerial statements, and emergency debates.

Iran’s president addresses the UN. Hassan Rouhani will present a security proposal for the Gulf, called the “Coalition of Hope,” which excludes the US. Iran has come under fire from the US and its allies, who blame it for recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

While you were sleeping

Beijing got a starfish-shaped airport. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony for the huge Daxing international airport, ahead of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The new Zaha Hadid-designed facility is expected to handle 100 million passengers a year.

Nintendo shares neared an eight-month low. Sales of its new Switch Lite console between Sept. 20–22 fell far short (paywall) of forecasts. But analysts say investors are overreacting, as it is not a marquee product for the Japanese gaming giant.

Vox acquired New York Media. “It’s not out of need. It’s out of ambition,” said the chief executive of the home of New York Magazine, The Cut, Grub Street, and more. New York Media had until recently lost as much as $10 million a year, but executives said no layoffs would follow the merger.

Plácido Domingo left the Met after allegations of sexual misconduct. The Spanish opera singer had been due to play the lead role in Verdi’s Macbeth at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Two US arts organizations are currently investigating Domingo’s alleged behavior.

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The debate around 5G’s safety is getting in the way of science. A small yet vocal cadre of scientists believe that the radio waves used for cellular communication are not just understudied, but potentially a threat to human health. One problem: The vast majority of scientists disagree. As part of this week’s 5G field guide, Gwynn Guilford takes a look at a dichotomy that’s anything but productive for public health.

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Is the writing on the wall for penmanship? Now that we type, swipe, or dictate most everything but checks (assuming you still use those), defenders are making the case that cursive is good for us. But we’ve been having this debate since the invention of the typewriter. Read on at the Quartz Obsession.

Matters of debate

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“Hot desking” is dehumanizing. Unmoored from a stable workplace, we lose a piece of ourselves.

Too much speech is a way of repressing speech. Social media feedback loops, shaped by trolls and bots, make it hard to listen.

The fall of Adam Neumann. This is the logical endpoint of Silicon Valley’s unicorn bubble.

Surprising discoveries

A submarine was caught smuggling $165 million in cocaine. The US Coast Guard intercepted the 40-foot submersible in the Pacific Ocean.

A French chef sued the Michelin guide over a cheese snafu. The restaurant may have lost a star over a soufflé falsely suspected of harboring English cheese.

A website will help you legitimize your Wikipedia citations. The tool turns any Wikipedia article into a “real” academic paper.

A Renaissance masterpiece turned up in a French kitchen. Its 90-year-old owner had the $6.6 million Cimabue hanging above her hotplate.

Some wasps are mind controllers. A newly-discovered parasitic breed can control the behavior of at least seven other varieties.

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